Lovely Lemons – A Great Way to Start the Day

Here’s a great way to “get things moving downstairs” in the morning that won’t make you wiggy for the rest of the day like coffee will. It’ll wake up your digestive system before eating breakfast and get you ready for the day, so to speak. Most people who try it swear by it.

Ready for this amazing secret recipe?

Hot water + lemon

That’s it. Put on the kettle, slice a piece of lemon, pour. Simple enough to add to the busiest schedule and oh-so worth it.

The warm water applies mass to the digestive system kicking it into action. Also, warm water will leave the stomach quicker than cold water since the body doesn’t have to expend energy warming it up first. The lemon is added since it actually aids the bowels in eliminating waste more efficiently and it will give you a good dose of micro-nutrients to boot.

It’s a simple trick, used for centuries and worth adding to your repertoire.

You can thank me later.

Some Comments here:

1. An excellent tip.I used the lemon drink since 2 month and it boost my energy and is a great cleanse.I bought this book The Complete Master Cleanse by Tom Woloshyn,excellent book to read, it consist of lemon,maple syrup and cayenne pepper.It detox,ridding your body of parasites,flushing the colon,lose weight,alleviating allergies,increasing energy.It has improved my health considerable,a worth while book to read.

2. Yes, l have tried that too, its great, but not for long time. Our body needs a change too. After a little while we need another old trick. Have sour apple and a glass of cold water, the results are the same .Then switch it for warm water, one spoon of honey, and a full spoon of apple cyder vinegar—-A few days into of the above, you go back to the lemon with water. Its a routine and our body has a variety, like we all need in different ways…

3. I look for and print out all of your articles that fit with my lifestyle. I’ve only one tiny complaint which is: at age 61 & wearing bi-focals, the print is very small and I have to re-write it via Word Perfect Office 12. Is there any way you can put a printer-friendly version on your blog for us “golden oldies”? You can send a reply to my email address. Thanks for all & keep on promoting a healthier way to live.

4. I’ve tried this before. I generally resort to it when I am having a ‘detox’ period from coffee and tea. I find it is a nice break from caffeine and its simplicity is what makes it great. I even bring it in a thermos to school (student) and because we are only allowed with water in the classrooms, the teachers don’t seem to mind. I would really recommend this to everyone and if you want to know where I first got the idea: It was an episode of friends “The one Where they’re going to party” where Chandler and Joey and Ross go to the coffee house after a night of trying to party like they were young again. Chandler, tired after a long day, asks Gunther for some hot water with a little lemon instead of coffee. This was sort of a wired influence, but hey… whatever works.

5. Absolutely a fantastic idea. The lemon cleanness, the hot water soothes your stomach and whole body overall. I drink it on a daily basis along with a couple cups of Green-tea on a daily basis as well. I have heard of this recipe for years and years but only started it since 2005. I drink this on a daily basis, if I don’t I get headaches, I feel bloating and I miss the cleansing feeling this that comes with it, I guess my body got use to it, since I have been doing it for a few years now on a daily basis,as I write this email, I am having a cup right now, it also help with digestion.

6. I recently went to a Nature Cure Retreat and one of things I learnt was; if you take warm water with lime juice and honey for three months (first thing in the morning) it will help you get rid of most minor allergies. The font size issue: Try holding down your control key on your keyboard and then moving the scroll wheel on your mouse.(if you don’t have one on your current mouse, most new ones do) If you move the scroll wheel in one direction it will make the font size on the page smaller, and scrolling in the other direction will make the font size on the page larger.

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Height to be a legal midget?

I am a 14 years old girl and now my height is 4″11′, my friends around me are both taller than me thus I am very envious to them because they are so pretty convinced that I can’t due to my poor height. In these days I always ask me for many times, could I become to grow to a legit midget? Being a girl with height of 5″3′ is my dream now, and I am very afraid if I can’t grow and get to be a legal midget.

I knew that there are a few women with the same height as mine or a little lower, these women can do everything such as driving and others which a “normal” woman can do. In fact, I don’t consider them as a legal midget. So what is the height for a legal midget, I want to know if I was, hence, I search more information about legal height of a midget on internet and got something helpful.

Answer to this question, from LPA which is an abbreviation fro Little People of America, an adult who is shorter than 4’10″ and stopping growing, it defines as a medical condition that we consider him/her as a dwarfism. In some rare cases, the height of some dwarfism will be slightly taller than the normal height of 4’10″. In general, the typical heights of a dwarfism are between 2’8 and 4’8.

Other Reference:

Little People of America Homepage: HTTP://

Fu Zhen Song

WuDang Boxing: Taiji, Bagua, and Xing-yi, etc., are all internal martial arts. Grandmaster Fu Zhen Song (I881-1953), created Fu Style WuDang Boxing. He was a great practitioner of Bagua. His other name was Fu Chien-Kwan.

Fu Zhen Song was born in HeNan province, in the district of Xin-Yang, and village of Ma-Po. As a teenager he was very fond of martial arts. There was a martial arts school in Ma-Po Village. In the beginning, in one small town, Chen Ja Go. His Chen style teacher was Chun Yen-Si, whose other name was Chun Hwei-Jia. Chun was a Chen Tai-Chi 8th generation master. Yang Lu-Chan was his KungFu uncle. Fu ‘s first martial art was Chen Tai Chi, and the local martial arts school also. At the same time, and from the Beijing Dong Hai-Chuan’s student Jia Chi-Hsan, also named Jia Fan-Ming, Fu studied Bagua Palm with him. Fu is the WuDang Grandmaster, which means that in the WuDang society, he is considered to be of the highest level. He is famous for his high level of martial arts skill, and his nobleness of character. Fu is the 3rd generation of Dong Hai-Chuan.

After this, he traveled throughout all of China, sought the best martial arts instructors, and exchanged information. Fu is a world famous martial artist. He learned, practiced, and taught martial arts over the entire course of his life. Fu was famous for his Tai-Chi, bagua, spear, and sword. He also knew Xing-Yi. Fu always helped people fend off bullies, and this is why he was so popular.

He used his spear to kill the chief caetern (China’s Liberty Valance), and he also worked as a security guard for the banks business owners.

He became good friends with Yang Chen-Pu, and studied Yang style Tai Chi with him. He took the important concepts from the Yang Tai Chi. Fu wanted to know why the Yang Tai Chi was so soft, and the Chen Tai Chi would gather and explode. In 1925, Fu became the President of Tian Jing Martial Arts Association. Sun LuTang studied WuDang sword with Fu. In exchange, Sun LuTang exchange information with Fu in Tai Chi, Bagua, and Xing-Yi.

In China there was a General Li JinLin (photo on left), who when people saw him, they called him “Number 1 sword in the world.” General Li was famous for his mastery of sword. He invited Fu to teach his army the sword, other weapons, and martial arts, because General Li invited the best martial artists, and together they discussed effective techniques for combat. This opportunity provided Fu contact with a lot of other martial artists. General Li invited Fu, as well as other martial artists to teach; Fu was therefore able to learn their separate fields of expertise. From this he was able to develop his own skills and techniques. With his own background and other martial artist’s added information, he was able to progress and develop more techniques–hand techniques, and self-defense training. Because Fu was so intelligent, he was able to develop his own style by distilling the various techniques from the other masters.

He created Yin Bagua Palm, Yang Bagua palm, Orthodox Bagua palm, and Bagua Dragon Palm, Bagua Push hands, Tai Chi, liang-Yi Boxing, Tai-Chi Lightning Palm, Spear, Broadsword, etc. Because he contacted so many styles and masters, the whole martial arts world came to know his own unique style. In the 20th century, he is well known all over the world in martial arts circles. In 1928, he became the Chief Instructor of the China Nanjing Martial Arts Association.

In 1929, in Guang-Dong state, the governor of that state, Li Ji Hsen, invited Fu and 4 others: Gu Yu-Jiang, Wan Lai Hsen, Wang Shao-Jou, and Kang De-Hai (the 5 tigers, altogether). This was called “5 Tigers going south.” It means that 5 Northern Masters crossed the Yang Tze River, to go to the southern part of China.

At this time Northern Styles of martial arts were introduced to Southern China. Fu Zhen Song was the first master to teach Northern styles in Guang-Dong (Taiji and Bagua).

Liang Qiang Ya

In 1931, Liang, Qiang-Ya was born in GuangZhou, China.

In the summer of 1945, Liang Qiang-Ya was not yet 14 years old. Fu Zhen Song had come to GuangZhou for the second time. He met his top student, Sun BaoGang (Liang’s older KungFu brother). Sun Bao-Gang invited Fu Zhen Song to live with Liang. Liang was very happy to have the opportunity to learn day and night. (Sun BaoGang is Liang’s father’s sister’s husband). Liang officially became the disciple of WuDang Master, Fu Zhen Song. Liang is therefore one of Fu’s youngest disciples. Though Fu was 64 years, he trained Liang, the secrets of reaching one’s highest potential energy by practicing and interacting in the forms of art. Together, they practiced swordplay and boxing. Liang mastered the spirits of Tai-Chi and excelled in the bagua powers of push hands. Liang was able to learn all of Fu Zhen Song’s techniques. He learned from Fu in the morning, noon and night. Whenever Fu taught or performed, he always brought Liang with him. Liang later assisted in the Fu’s instruction, and was also sometimes asked to perform. Fu had Liang perform in several different events, large and small. At Fu Zhen Song’s request, Liang Qiang-Ya became an instructor of the Fu system by the time he was 15 years old.

With this opportunity, and his diligence in practicing, even when Fu Zhen Song was not present, Liang was able to progress rapidly. Fu Zhen Song taught Liang boxing. At the age of 17, Liang entered his first competition in boxing and defeated two of the best boxers of the Canton Province Boxing Competition. Liang defeated the silver-medallist in the lightweight division in the first round and was given the name “Lightening Fist.” In another competition, with no weight limit divisions, his opponent was 20 pounds heavier. Liang used the Bagua technique of evasion. He was able to blacken his opponent’s right eye until it was swollen shut. This person’s nickname was “Big Hammer” for his ability to hammer nails into wood with his bare fist. After Liang defeated “Big Hammer,” his name was made.

Before Liang retired, he was an engineer. In 1987, his older Kungfu brother, Sun BaoGang and the Hong Kong Bagua Chuan Wushu Society invited him to Hong Kong as a special guest advisor and consultant of bagua, tai chi, and push hands. Afterwards, Liang was continuously invited to return to Hong Kong to be the guest advisor and consultant.

In 1995, when Liang Qiang-Ya was 64 years old, the WuDang Association Chairman, together with Liang and his younger KungFu brother, went to the second annual Chinese International Martial Arts Research Center, which sponsored the 2nd Annual Bagua Conference and Competition. Liang and the Chairman (who was Liang’s younger KungFu brother) competed in the Bagua push hands and together received the highest recognition of excellence among the Bagua practitioners.

In 1953, Fu Zhen Song passed away. After so many years, from then until the present, Liang has continued to do as Fu had encouraged him to do; to continue to progress and not become stagnant. Liang has remembered to do what Fu once told him when he was young—to continue to progress and to continue to make changes when necessary:

Must be committed to practice continuously.
Must unceasingly advance and innovate.
Must continuously absorb those good things.
These three points became an important teaching guideline for Liang. Liang has therefore continued to learn other systems and develop the Fu system. Liang has continued to diligently make progress. From that point on, Liang has held many positions of influence in the martial arts world:

Director, GuangZhou WuShu Committee

Executive Director, Vice-President and Chief Training Officer of GuangZhou WuDang Association

Advisor and Guest Coach of Hong Kong Association for Advancement of Bagua Martial Arts

Coach of Martial Arts Association of GuangZhou Herbal Medicine, Herbalist University

Coach of Martial Arts Association of GuangZhou Institute of Medicine

Coach of Martial Arts Association of GuangZhou Foreign Trade College

Advisor of GuangZhou-Hong Kong Tai Chi, Push-Hand Competition Organizing Committee

These are positions to which he has been appointed. From the time of his appointment to the GuangZhou association, the others have followed.

In GuangZhou park, Liang taught Bagua, Tai Chi, and various internal weapons. He created the WuDang Continuous Sword, the Bagua Soaring Dragoon Sword, Fu style 48 movements Tai Chi, and then wrote the four volumes of the WuDang Spear.

He has also created instructional videos, which have been sold throughout the U.S., Canada, and the rest of the world. In 1996, he came to the United States, as part of his continuing effort to spread Fu style internal martial arts throughout the world.

Liang has taught martial arts “realistically.” Liang is a hard master, but also a gentle one. A retired engineer, Liang uses the laws of physics, in conjunction with his martial arts instructions. He teaches how to defend against many opponents, rather than just one. As a result of his scientific, rather than mystic, approach to his instruction, he has been a very popular instructor in many countries. He has taught many students from Sri Lanka, Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, Taiwan, Hong Kong, England, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Mongolia, Africa, U.S., and other countries.

In 1993, ’94 and ’95, in GuangZhou, his students have competed in Tai Chi, the sword and won Grand Champion awards. In GuangZhou, first place awards have been won in Bagua, Long and Short Weapons. In GuangZhou, Jiao Hsin, and Hong Kong most of his students have received awards, and over half of the Gold Medals have gone to his students.

In March of 1996 he moved to the United States. In November of 1996 he had students compete in the San Francisco International WuShu Championship. His female student received 1st place. Afterwards, in every competition in which they entered, his students have received more and more Gold Medals.

In Winchester, Virginia, at the 1998, A Taste of China’s (ATOC), all Taiji USA Championship, his students won 8 awards. In the A.T.O.C competitions, all levels of students compete together. One of his students received Grand Champion in Bagua, 2nd and 3rd in Tai Chi. His student, received the Fu, Yong-Hui Bagua Grand Champion award. During the same year, in the month of August, in Baltimore, Maryland, at the USA WuShu-KungFu Federation’s 1998 International Martial Arts Competitions, he had 3 students compete. His students received 8 awards, among them a first place in the Bugua and long weapon. In 1998, his student, Haruwn Wesley won the San Francisco International WuShu grand championship in internal style using Bagua Zhang.

In May 2000, in Dallas, Texas, at “The Taiji Legacy’s International Martial Arts Championships,” his student, May Lee, competed in 8 internal forms and received 8 first place awards and the Grand Champion in internal award. His other student, Haruwn Wesley, received 4 first place awards and two 2nd places.

In July 2000, in Winchester, Virginia, “A Taste of China’s All Taiji USA Championship, May Lee, won the Fu Yong-Hui Bagua Grand Champion award for the 2nd time.

Since his arrival in the United States, Tai Chi Magazine and the Bagua Journal have interviewed and featured him on the cover articles. Almost half of each magazine was devoted to his perspectives and insights on tai chi chuan and bagua zhang. These interviews centered on techniques and theory of the internal styles, and also included advice on how to practice.

In the Bagua Journal, Liang Qiang-Ya gave step-by-step details, with corresponding photos on some fundamental techniques in order to disseminate his system throughout the West.

Presently, Master Liang Qiang-Ya wishes to continue making further WuDang Boxing Series video tapes in order to allow the martial arts world to learn and understand more about the Fu style’s unique characteristics.

Liang Yi

Fu Style Liang-Yi Chuan

Grandmaster Fu Zhen Song created Liang-Yi Fist in the 1930′s. Liang means “dual” and Yi means “spirit”. Liang-Yi Fist is an internal martial art which combine the spirit of Tai Chi Chuan with the spirit of Bagua Palms.

Grandmaster Fu Zhen Song has taken the best qualities of the Fu Style Bagua Palms and 3 different styles of Tai Chi Chuan: Chen Tai Chi Chuan, Yang Tai Chi Chuan, and Sun Tai Chi Chuan. He combined Tai Chuan and Bagua Palms together to have features of hardness and softness moving in harmony.

3rd Generation

(Liang, Qiang-Ya’s Students)*

GuangZhou, China:    He ChiHua; Zhou Sung; Shen NamSing; Liang KeMing; Liu ZhiJe; Lin XinKan; Mo ZhiHua; Zhou HaoKang; Yan Hui; Yun AiChuan; Shi Wei; Yan ChuanWei; Chen SiSong; Wang ZhiYuan; He ChiChan; Liu XianChu; Zhou ManLi; Zhou AnLi; Zhen YanChuan; Zhou HaiPing; Zhou JiaUng; Zhang PengFei; Liu HaiYing; Zhang YinLu

Hong Kong, China: Sun YouYong: Cai QiRen; Chun WenBo; Liao BaoChing; Chen LiEr; Zhang MeiMei; Gao JianHua; Su BiXia; SiTu WeiYan; SiTu WeiZhuang

United States: Baw Kwong; Vanessa Kwong; Patric Reutens; May H. Lee; Kevin Sin; Keith McCrear; Terry Chan; Stephen Chan; Jeff Stubbins; Kevin Tong; Vince Brown; Jesse DeJesus; Charles DeFilippo; DeeDee Julian; Diana Bickhan; Harry Lopez; Steve Vale; Chris Jeong; Ron D’agostino; Pat Murray; Haruwn Wesley; Meridyth Rancourt; Matt Bild; Chris Curtis; Scott Merola; Zachary Braverman; John Rambo; Laura Repetti; El Stamatkos; Alvin Standford; Michael Ravera; Hadi Reinhertz; Jim Cox; Kurt Miller; Melvin McKenzie; Mark Jonikas; Paul Hannah; Tim Brown; Donna McKean; Margaret Chinn

*Fu Zhen Song has many disciples, and their students. It is impossible to list everyone’s name. The names listed here are not in a ranking (seniority) order.

Please accept my sincere apologies if I have not listed other names.